Development Forum 2011

Facilities Software Reports

The 2011 Development Forum took place on 23rd February 2011 at NM Rothschild & Sons, London. It was chaired by Keith Surey, London Borough of Brent and he was supported by the following committee members:-

• Phil Rickett (F & P Solutions Ltd)
• Michael Priestley (Withers LLP)
• Roger Wragg (NM Rothschild & Sons)
• Neville Clark (Leicestershire County and Rutland Primary Care Trust)
• Tony Leppard (FMx Ltd)

The CAFM Explorer users who attended were:-

• Billy Jones (MITIE Technical Facilities Management (Scottish Government)
• Derek Wilkinson (Westminster Kingsway College)
• Vicky Booth (University of Salford)
• Steven Howard (University of Salford)
• Chris Large (University of Salford)
• Ross Pickett (AMPM)
• Mat Thomas (Lubricants UK)
• Paul Stubbs (Lubricants UK)
• Will Jones (Lane, Clark & Peacock LLP)

The aim of the Development Forum is to provide clarity on the topics raised at Strategic workshop at the annual User Group event to see if the functionality within CAFM Explorer needs to be enhanced. Any product enhancements are prioritised by all CAFM Explorer users via the User Group survey. Those with the highest priority will be added to the development plan of CAFM Explorer and form part of future software releases.

The topics discussed were:-

1. Progress from Strategic workshop
2. Splinter Group tasks for discussion
3. 2012 heads up on next release

1. Progress from Strategic workshop
The group were shown through User Voice online survey software and given a heads up as to how all users would be voting for the 26 topics that were proposed in the Strategic Workshop at the 2010 User Group event.

2. Splinter Group tasks for discussion
Using the FM diagram the committee explained that this should be the model FMx should follow in the future.
An objective for the group was to challenge the process of defining CAFM Explorer’s boundaries and integration to other third party apps.
The control of people and assets was discussed and whether this should sit inside or outside CAFM Explorer.
The FM diagram was challenged as CAFM Explorer does manage people and assets and the diagram could be misleading.
The group was unanimous that people and accurate updates were a fundamental part of CAFM Explorer and that automating their import to CAFM Explorer was essential. Active Directory (AD) was discussed as an alternative to exporting to a flat file and an option to hand shake and be worthwhile.
The group agreed that exporting to other third party products was essential and should be made as open and flexible as possible.

Actions for FMx

• to review AD integration and to add this as a topic in the forthcoming User Group survey
• to improve the automation of import and exports
• to improve the processing time of data queries.
• to update FM diagram

3. 2012 heads up on next major release

Linda Bowles took the Group through the headline functionality of 2012 which was received very positively.

The Development Forum action plan

• Spring 2011 CAFM Explorer User Group survey to all users
• Summer 2011 Committee to analyse the findings of the User Group survey
• September 2011 Committee to report back the results at the next User Group event and identify which survey topics will/will not be included future CAFM Explorer releases

All attendees found the Development Forum a most productive and informative session and they were thanked for giving up their time to attend.

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